About Us


Welcome to SHP Books, a UK based business providing services and solutions to authors and self-publishers.

  • Whether you're an author or a self-publisher, we've got the services to help your project.
  • From interior book formatting to eye-catching book cover designs, we offer everything you need to make your book a reality.


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Our Story

In 2014, we embarked on a self-publishing experiment, testing the waters with a travel book and a guide on writing eBooks. People began downloading the eBooks and buying print copies. From writing the book and cover design, to intricate formatting for eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers, we managed every aspect in-house. Realising the demand for such specialised services, we decided to offer our services and solutions to other aspiring authors, growing the business organically. 


Today, SHP Books, a trading name for Sunshine Horizon Publishing, is a registered limited company based in London, UK. We operate remotely, capable of serving clients worldwide. Yet, we understand the value of personal interaction and are happy to arrange face-to-face meetings when desired.


Our Mission & Values:

At the heart of SHP Books is our mission to empower independent authors and self-publishers. We strive to build lasting relationships, aiming for repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.


Our core values are service, value, and quality, which guide us in delivering an exceptional experience tailored to your publishing needs.


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Interior book formatting for eBooks and digital books

  • EPUB, Mobi, Kindle


Interior book formatting for paperback and hardcover

  • Output files include PDF, DOC
  • Print On Demand (POD)
  • Short/Long run prints


Front Cover Designs for ebooks, paperback and hardcover

  • Front, Spine, Back/rear
  • PNG, JPEG, PDF print quality