Package 1 - Ebook Front Cover + Interior:

  • In this package, the customer needs both a front cover and interior layout suitable for an Ebook, formatted in EPUB.
  • The customer provides the specific dimensions and book details, and SHP Books brings it all to life.
  • The customer then takes control, selling and distributing their ebook on platforms of their choosing or even their own website.
  • From £600

Package 2 - Paperback Front Cover + Interior:

  • Here, the customer is looking for a print-ready front cover and interior layout for a paperback edition.
  • After supplying SHP Books with the book’s specifications, we create the necessary files.
  • The customer is then free to sell and distribute the completed paperback through their chosen platforms, utilizing either Print On Demand (POD) or traditional printing methods.
  • From £950

Package 3 - Hardcover Front Cover + Interior:

  • In this option, the customer requires a front cover and interior specifically formatted for a hardcover edition.
  • Just like in the other packages, the customer provides the details and SHP Books takes care of the rest.
  • These print-ready files then serve the customer's needs, whether selling through their own website or other platforms.
  • From £1,000

Package 4 - Combination of Packages 1, 2, & 3:               

  • Package 4 offers an all-inclusive solution for authors seeking multiple formats of their book.

  • This package combines the features of Packages 1, 2, and 3, providing the customer with front cover and interior layouts for Ebook (EPUB), Paperback, and Hardcover editions.

  • Customers provide the necessary specifications for each format, and SHP Books delivers print-ready and digital files.

  • Upon completion, the customer is free to sell and distribute their work across various platforms or their own website, in whichever formats they choose.

  • From £1,995

Package 5 - Bespoke Tailored to Your Needs (Non-Fiction Business Management Book):

  • This package offers an end-to-end solution.
  • Ideal for a well-known personality looking to spotlight their expertise through a non-fiction business management book.
  • It includes all features of Package 4, plus extended services like printing, selling, and distribution consulting.
  • We help the customer choose the most effective channels for sales and royalties, including specific online platforms and their own website.
  • They may also opt for physical book runs, from small batches to quantities over a million, allowing for distribution to independent bookstores or direct sales from their website.
  • Bespoke £4,500

Package 5 - Bespoke Tailored to Your Needs (Fiction Historical Action Crime Thriller):

  • Another turnkey offering, this time suited for an author who’s written a fiction book with cinematic potential.
  • The aim is to eventually get the book optioned for a screenplay or series on platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix.
  • This package includes the full scope of Package 4, as well as services like ISBN registration, Print On Demand setup, author copies, and legal deposits.
  • Like before, we collaborate with the customer to strategize on sales and distribution, using both online platforms and their own website for maximum profitability and exposure.
  • Bespoke £5,500

Which package do you require?

Interior book formatting for eBooks and digital books

  • EPUB, Mobi, Kindle


Interior book formatting for paperback and hardcover

  • Output files include PDF, DOC
  • Print On Demand (POD)
  • Short/Long run prints


Front Cover Designs for ebooks, paperback and hardcover

  • Front, Spine, Back/rear
  • PNG, JPEG, PDF print quality